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Ultimate Trivia Quiz on Pouvoir Hydrogene (pH)

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The concept of pH was first introduced in 1909 by Soren Peder Lauritz Sorensen, a Danish chemist at Carlsberg Laboratory. If an electrode is calibrated with a solution of known hydrogen ion concentrations, pH can be measured. It measures the acidity or basicity of a solution. It is defined as the co-logarithm of the activity of liquefied hydrogen ions (H +).

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1. What is the pH value of pure alcohol?

16937 7.44
16938 7.33
16939 7.8
16940 8

2. Kw is the ionization constant for water and its value is...

16941 1 x 10-7
16942 1 x 107
16943 1 x 1014
16944 1 x 10-14

3. What is the pH value of saliva after the meal?`

16945 4.8
16946 5.8
16947 6.8
16948 Less than 4

4. What is the pH value of pure water?

16949 Less than 7
16950 Greater than 7
16951 Equal to 7
16952 Greater than 14

5. How we will come to know that a given solution is acidic?

16953 If its pH value is less than 7
16954 If its pH value is greater than 7
16955 If its pH value is less than 5
16956 If its pH value is 5

6. What will be the litmus test if the solution is basic?

16957 Red litmus will turn to blue
16958 Blue litmus will turn to red
16959 No change in color
16960 It will change into orange pink.

7. What is the neutral value of pH scale?

16961 Less than 5
16962 Equal to 7
16963 Less than 8
16964 Less than 10

8. In which of the following field pH scale is important for measurements?

16965 Medicine
16966 Forestry
16967 Food Science
16968 All of the above

9. What is the pH value of a strong acid solution?

16969 Around 5 to 7
16970 Around 3 to 5
16971 Around 2 to 1
16972 Around 0 to 1

10. Why we measure the pH of seawater?

16973 It helps in corrosion research
16974 It helps in agricultural activity
16975 It helps in fermentation
16976 It helps in sterilization
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