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Naruto Uzumaki Quiz: What Uzumaki Are You?

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Questions & Options

1. Which of the hokage you would prefer?

155783 Tsunade
155784 Tobirama
155785 Hiruzen
155786 Minato

2. Which of the hyuga you would pick?

155787 Hizashi
155788 Hinata
155789 Hanabi
155790 Neji

3. Which element do you resemble to?

155791 Earth
155792 Water
155793 Fire
155794 Wind

4. What do you do when you get angry?

155795 Hit the person who made you angry
155796 Cool down myself one way or another
155797 Talk to a friend
155798 I never get angry

5. If you were provided with all facilities which would have been your place to live?

155799 In the woods
155800 In the city
155801 In the clouds
155802 In the village

6. What kind of person are you?

155803 Lazy
155804 Athletic
155805 Studious
155806 Artist

7. What defines your friends?

155807 My friends are my life
155808 I can’t spend my one day without talking to my friends
155809 A few but gems
155810 I don’t have friends

8. How determined are you?

155811 If I decide to do something I make sure the task get finished
155812 100% everywhere
155813 Until the situation is not do and die, I prefer not doing the task
155814 I can hardly focus on one thing

9. How mature you are?

155815 I prefer to not indulge in an argument if its baseless
155816 I know the bad times will pass
155817 I know nobody is there forever
155818 Everything mentioned above is always in your mind

10. Which is your favorite Uzumaki?

155819 Naruto
155820 Boruta
155821 Kushina
155822 Himawari
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