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Trivia Quiz On Kapil Dev Indian Cricket Bowler

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Kapil Dev Ram Lal Nikhanj is a very talented and famous cricketer. He is a former Indian cricketer as well as a captain of Indian cricket team. He was a middle order batsman ans well as a renowned fast bowler. He was known to be the greatest players of his time. He is an inspiration for many and is an ideal role for several and thousands of people. Let us know how much you know about our admiration Kapil Dev!

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1. When is the birthday of Kapil Dev?

22926 13 august
22927 12 july
22928 6 january
22929 6 february

2. When was Kapil Dev born?

22930 1900
22931 1987
22932 1945
22933 1959

3. What is his age in 2019?

22934 60
22935 35
22936 78
22937 67

4. Where was Kapil Dev born?

22938 Allahbad
22939 Rajasthan
22940 Udaipur
22941 Chandigarh

5. Which world cup was won under the captaincy of Kapil Dev?

22942 1980
22943 1983
22944 1986
22945 1989

6. Who named Kapil Dev Indian cricketer of the century?

22946 Wisden
22947 Kaynes
22948 Sunil Gawaskar
22949 Ravi Shastri

7. When was Kapil Dev named Indian cricketer of the century?

22950 2002
22951 2004
22952 2005
22953 2007

8. In how many test matches Kapil Dev won man of the match title?

22954 13
22955 19
22956 8
22957 5

9. How many ODI man of matches award had been given to Kapil Dev?

22958 17
22959 25
22960 14
22961 11

10. When was Kapil Dev awarded Padma Shri?

22962 1908
22963 1990
22964 1982
22965 1987
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