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My Hero Academia Quiz: What Would You Quirk Be in MHA?

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Questions & Options

1. What do you enjoy the most?

155743 Sleeping all-day
155744 Working towards my goal
155745 Eating my favorite food
155746 Getting likes on social media

2. Which is your favorite?

155747 A sunny day
155748 A rainy day
155749 A snowy day
155750 A cloudy day

3. How disciplined have you stayed in your school/college?

155751 Always in discipline and following all rules
155752 Only Bunking classes were common
155753 Only on some occasions
155754 Not at all

4. What kind of person are you?

155755 Lost in my world
155756 Available for friends 24x7
155757 I only prefer having 1 close friend
155758 I might be helpful might be selfish

5. One bad quality of yours?

155759 Very aggressive
155760 An over-thinker
155761 Too shy
155762 Not brave enough to take risks

6. If you were supposed to get only one of the following things which one, would it be?

155763 Fame
155764 Money
155765 A particular name kept after you
155766 Peace

7. Which is your favorite character in MHA?

155767 Izuki Midoriya
155768 Katsuki Bakugo
155769 Shoto Todoroki
155770 Tenya Lida

8. Which out of these is your place?

155771 Gym
155772 Badminton court
155773 Football field
155774 Bedroom

9. Which of the following do you love doing?

155775 Studying
155776 Singing
155777 Dancing
155778 Painting

10. How much do you help others to grow?

155779 I try helping as many people as possible
155780 If a person wants to grow only then I will help him
155781 No, I just want to grow myself
155782 Only those people whom I love
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