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Mixture and Alligation Question Quiz For Competitive Exam

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Alligation deals with the calculation of values or properties of a mixture. Alligation is the enabler us- to find the proportion the two or more ingredients at the given price must be mixed to yield a mixture at the given price. This is term as alligation alternate, to calculate the average or mean value of a mixture when the prices of two or more ingredients which are to be mixed together and proportion in which they are to be mixed are given. This is termed as Alligation Medial. So take this quiz and check your knowledge about mixture and alligation.

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1. In what proportion must tea at rupees 62 per kg be mixed with tea at rupees 72 per kg in order to obtain the mixture worth rupees 65 per kg?

86573 4:6
86574 7:3
86575 3:7
86576 4:7

2. Find the quantity of rice at rupees 10 per kg, which should be mixed with 25 kgs of rice at rupees 8 per kg, so that on selling the mixture at 15 rupees per kg there is 80% profit.

86577 6 kgs
86578 3 kgs
86579 7 kgs
86580 5 kgs

3. A shopkeeper buys 26 kg of milk at rupees 16 per kg. He also buys from another source an inferior quality of milk at rupees 10 per kg. How much quantity of the latter should he buy to mix it with the former so that he can sell the mixture at rupees 14 per kg without making any loss?

86581 13 kg
86582 12 Kg
86583 14 kg
86584 10kg

4. Two vessels a and b contain milk and water in the ratio 7:5 and 17:7 respectively. In what ratio mixtures from two vessels should be mixed to get a new mixture containing milk and water in the ratio 5 :3?

86585 1:3
86586 1:2
86587 2:1
86588 3:1

5. A and B contain mixture of milk and water in the ratio 4:1 and 9:11 respectively. They are mixed in the ratio of 3:2. Find the ratio of milk: Water in the resulting mixture.

86589 34 :16
86590 16:34
86591 17:33
86592 33:17

6. A person Has two solution of sugar with 30% and 50% concentration respectively. In what proportion should he mix two solutions to get 45% concentration in the resulting mixture?

86593 1:3
86594 3:1
86595 2:3
86596 3:1

7. 6 liters of milk and water mixture has 75% milk and it. How much milk should be added to the mixture to make its 90% pure?

86597 8 litres
86598 9 litres
86599 10 litres
86600 11 litres

8. In what ratio must water be added to the spirit to gain 25% by selling it at cost price?

86601 4:3
86602 3:4
86603 1:4
86604 4:1

9. A shopkeeper has 50 kgs of rice. He sells a part of it at 20% profit and the rest at 40% profit. If he gains 25% on the whole find the quantity of each part.

86605 37.5 kg and 12.5 kg
86606 15 kg and 5kg
86607 21.5 kg and 23.5 kg
86608 None of these

10. A shopkeeper has 100 kgs of tea. He sells a part of it at 20% profit and the rest at 5% loss. If his overall profit is 10%, find the quantity for each part.

86609 20 kg
86610 39 kg
86611 25 kg
86612 None of these
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