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Lens In Physics Quiz: How Much You Know About Lens In Physics?

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Questions & Options

1. There are nine types of glass according to...

39483 Minor additions
39484 Variations in the ingredients
39485 Methods of manufacturing
39486 All of the above

2. The distance between the focal point and the center of the lens is called...

39487 Focal length
39488 Optical axis
39489 Focal point
39490 Diopter

3. Which one is the type of lenses?

39491 Converging
39492 Diverging
39493 Concave Lens
39494 All of the above

4. Which one of the types of Camera Lenses?

39495 Telephoto Lenses
39496 Prime Lenses
39497 Zoom Lenses
39498 All of the above

5. Which one of the best describes a converging lens?

39499 A lens that causes light rays to scatter
39500 A lens that will cause light rays from a specific focal point to spread out
39501 A lens that will cause light rays to bend to a specific focal point
39502 None of the above

6. Which type of lens is parallel/flat lines?

39503 Concave
39504 Meniscus
39505 Convex
39506 Plano

7. The type of lens has a center that is thicker than the edges, known as...

39507 Meniscus
39508 Concave
39509 Convex
39510 All of the above

8. "A lens that will cause light rays from a specific focal point to spread out" this statement follows on which lens?

39511 Diverging
39512 Meniscus
39513 Concave
39514 Convex

9. Plano-concave lenses are ___________ lenses...

39515 Converging
39516 Diverging
39517 Positive meniscus
39518 None of these

10. Which type of lens has one side that is convex and the other side concave?

39519 Biconcave
39520 Plano-convex
39521 Meniscus
39522 Plano-concave

11. What type of lens has two sides that are both convex?

39523 Plano-convex
39524 Biconvex
39525 Biconcave
39526 All of the above

12. The principal axis is a horizontal line drawn through the ____________ of the lens.

39527 Vertical
39528 Center
39529 Adge
39530 Parallel
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