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Killing Stalking Quiz: Which Killing Stalking Character Are You?

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Questions & Options

1. Are you suffering from any personality disorder?

138200 Yes, Borderline Personality Disorder
138201 I doubtful to have a personality disorder
138202 I am stressed
138203 No

2. How do you act when you are around your crush?

138204 Stalk them
138205 Act natural
138206 Act cute
138207 Bring them gifts to make them like me

3. How is your childhood?

138208 Lonely and deprived
138209 Well-guided by adults
138210 Worse days of my life
138211 Best days of my life

4. Do you love parties?

138212 Yes, I try to grab the limelight
138213 No, I wish I never came here
138214 I feel disassociated from parties
138215 No, I think there are better things to do

5. What one word describes you?

138216 Worthless
138217 Selfish
138218 Out-going
138219 Weak

6. What would you do if you happen to witness some illegal act?

138220 Inform Police
138221 Ignore it; it is none of my business
138222 Catch the criminal
138223 Shout for help

7. What about sexuality?

138224 Bisexual
138225 Heterosexual
138226 LGBTQ
138227 Gay/Lesbian

8. Are you extrovert or introvert or ambivert?

138228 Extrovert
138229 Introvert
138230 Ambivert
138231 Not sure

9. What about your mental well-being?

138232 I am stable
138233 I am unstable
138234 I am a psychopath
138235 I’d prefer not to answer

10. What scares you?

138236 Separation
138237 Extinction
138238 Fear of humiliation
138239 Loss of Autonomy
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