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Is Your Spouse Unhappy Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. When you come home after a tiring day what does your spouse do?

51202 Start complaining
51203 Welcome you with a hug
51204 Waves & mutters hello without looking at you
51205 She/he don't care you are back to home

2. Do you hear her/him when they want to tell you something?

51206 I always listen
51207 I don't pay too much attention
51208 I don't have time
51209 I listen but don't care

3. What is the response from your spouse when you suggest some fun?

51210 "Sure" with excitement
51211 Appreciate the idea & look forward to it
51212 It seems a wastage of time
51213 "No", I have many things to do

4. How many times do you call each other every day?

51214 Twice
51215 Thrice
51216 Not at all
51217 I do call sometimes

5. How many times a month do you say'I Love You' to your spouse?

51218 Once, or may be twice
51219 Everyday
51220 Never
51221 Don't remember

6. How does your spouse react when you want to tell a story?

51222 Completely disinterested
51223 Looks here and there
51224 Listens to you carefully
51225 Cuts off your talk and start talking about self

7. How does your partner act around others?

51226 Same as she/he is with you
51227 Happier with others
51228 Unhappy with others
51229 Uncomfortable

8. How often do you argue with your spouse?

51230 Every now and then, every day
51231 One in a week
51232 Twice in a week
51233 Once in a month

9. What is the topic for most of your arguments?

51234 Government policies
51235 Personal differences
51236 Politics
51237 Money

10. How many times you and your spouse have common views?

51238 So many
51239 A few
51240 None
51241 Only on food
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