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How Much You Know About Howdy Modi Event? Take This Trivia Quiz About Howdy Modi Event

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Once afterward, Prime Minister Narendra Modi's threat is outgo to be in America. PM Narendra Modi will stand by the program 'Howdy' Modi to be held on 22 Sept, Sunday in the US, which will also include the US President "Donald Trump". The special thing is that more than 50,000 people are participating in this program, which PM Modi will address. The program is named 'Howdy' Modi. This 'howdy' means special."How are you using the word" Howdy "? Is done for. The term is used for salutation in Southwestern America. It is being told that along with PM Modi, US President Donald Trump will also address the event. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that US President Donald Trump's decision to attend a community event in Houston underscores the special friendship between the two countries. So, please take this quiz on Narendra Modi and increase your knowledge about it.

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1. How do you do?, the program to be held in which US stadium?

27458 State Farm Stadium
27459 NRG Stadium
27460 NFL Stadium
27461 None of these

2. Modi will also have a ___________ meeting with the CEO of American companies.

27462 Roundtable meeting
27463 Squaretable meeting
27464 Both of above
27465 None of them

3. What does NRG stand for in NRG Stadium?

27466 Natural Return, Gary
27467 Never Return, Gary
27468 No Return, Gary
27469 None of these

4. What is club level at NRG Stadium?

27470 333 Level Club
27471 303 Level Club
27472 330 Level Club
27473 300 Level Club

5. PM Modi is being given ___________ award by Bill-Melinda Gates Foundation.

27474 Global Peacemaker
27475 Glob maker
27476 Champion of the earth
27477 None of these

6. Reliant Stadium, is a multi-purpose stadium in, Texas, United States. It was constructed at the cost of.....

27478 $355 million
27479 $352 million
27480 $552 million
27481 $322 million

7. It was the first ___________ facility to have a retractable roof.

27482 GPS
27483 DRS
27484 NFL
27485 All of these

8. What was NRG called before?

27486 Reliant Stadium
27487 Never Return, Gary
27488 Energy purchased Reliant Energy
27489 None of these

9. In which year after becoming Prime Minister, Modi addressed the NRI community at Madison Square Garden in New York, USA?

27490 In 2015
27491 In 2019
27492 In 2018
27493 In 2014

10. What is the seating capacity of NRG Stadium?

27494 72,220
27495 77,220
27496 22,220
27497 72,222

11. On the morning of 27 September, PM Modi will address the ___________ Mahasabha.

27498 United Nations
27499 United assembly
27500 United Council
27501 All of above

12. How are you using the word, Howdy? Is done for. Howdy means...

27502 How are you?
27503 How was you?
27504 How well you?
27505 How do you do?
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