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Internal Structure Of Earth Trivia Quiz

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Earth is the only planet in the solar system where life is possible. The structure of the earth is divided into different layers. Layers of the earth are physically and chemically different. The outer most layer of the earth is crust, highly viscous layer is mantle and the innermost layer is core.

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1. The upper lighter layer of the earth's crust is called...

13201 Sima
13202 Sial
13203 Mantle
13204 Lithosphere

2. The lower density layer of earth's crust is called...

13205 Sima
13206 Sial
13207 Both of them
13208 None of them

3. The word Sial is an amalgam of the first two letters of...

13209 Silicate and Magnesium
13210 Magnesium and Aluminium
13211 Silicate and Aluminium
13212 None of them

4. Sima layer of earth's crust is made up of rocks abundant in...

13213 Aluminium and oxygen
13214 Magnesium and Aluminium
13215 Phosphorus and Gold
13216 Silicate and Magnesium

5. What is the name of the line which makes a separation between the mantle and the crust?

13217 Lithosphere
13218 Mohorovicic Discontinuity
13219 Both of them
13220 None of them

6. What is the name of the line which makes a separation between the mantle and the core?

13221 Mohorovicic Discontinuity
13222 Gutenberg-Weichert Discontinuity
13223 Lithosphere
13224 All of the above

7. The topmost, solid part of the earth is called ....

13225 Lithosphere
13226 Stratosphere
13227 Troposphere,
13228 Mesosphere

8. Which rock is formed by the solidification of molten magma from the interior of the earth?

13229 Metamorphic Rocks
13230 Sedimentary Rocks
13231 Igneous Rocks
13232 None of them

9. Which rock is known as a primary rock?

13233 Sedimentary Rocks
13234 Metamorphic Rocks
13235 Igneous Rocks
13236 All of them

10. Which one is the example od sedimentary rocks?

13237 Basalt
13238 Granite
13239 Gabbro
13240 Coal

11. The metamorphic rock slate is made up of...

13241 Granite and Limestone
13242 Shale and Granite
13243 Shale and Clay
13244 Clay and Granite

12. Which metamorphic rock is made up of sandstone?

13245 Schist
13246 Quartzite
13247 Marbles
13248 Slate

13. Which metamorphic rock is made up of granite?

13249 Gneisses
13250 Schist
13251 Slate
13252 Marble

14. The metamorphic rock schist is made up of...

13253 Sandstone
13254 Marble
13255 Granite
13256 Shale

15. The magnitude of waves is measured on...

13257 Bar scales
13258 Representative fraction
13259 Medium scale
13260 Richter's scale
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