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Images Formed By Lenses Trivia Quiz

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Lenses are mainly used to make images of an object view, the word lens is derived from a lentil bean from the Latin language, most lenses are spherical lenses, their two surfaces are parts of spherical surfaces. In general, there are two types of spherical lenses. So, the lens that binds two spherical surfaces facing outward is known as a convex lens, while the lens that binds two spherical surfaces as they are curved inward is known as a concave lens, Convergent lenses can produce both real and virtual images whereas diving lenses can only produce virtual images, the line joining the centers of the spheres forming the lens surfaces is called the axis of the lens, usually the lens axis of the lens. The greater the effect a lens has on the rays of light, the more powerful it is said to pass through the physical center. So let's start this quiz and know interesting facts about the lens.

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1. Which of the following lenses are used in projectors?

122072 Convex lens
122073 Concave lens
122074 Bipolar lens
122075 All of the above

2. Which type of image is created by the concave lens?

122076 Upright and larger
122077 Upright and smaller
122078 Inverted and smaller
122079 Inverted and larger

3. Which type of mirror is used in anti-shop-lifting-devices?

122080 Concave mirror
122081 Plane mirror
122082 Convex mirror
122083 None of these

4. Which lens is known as the converging lens?

122084 Concave lens
122085 Bipolar lens
122086 Convex lens
122087 All of the above

5. Which type of lens is used by short-sighted persons?

122088 Convex
122089 Concave
122090 Cylindrical
122091 Compound

6. If an object is kept 5 cm in front of a concave mirror of the focal length of 15 cm. What will be the nature of the image?

122092 Virtual, not magnified
122093 Virtual, magnified
122094 Real, magnified
122095 Real not magnified

7. Which type of image is formed by a concave lens irrespective of the position of the object?

122096 Virtual, upright and diminished
122097 Real, upright and diminished
122098 Virtual, upright and magnified
122099 Real, inverted and magnified

8. Which lens formed a real inverted and magnified image?

122100 Plane mirror
122101 Concave lens
122102 Bipolar lens
122103 Convex lens

9. Which lens can produce a natural image of an object?

122104 Concave mirror
122105 Bipolar mirror
122106 Plane mirror
122107 None of these

10. What is the nature of the image is formed by a thin lens?

122108 Virtual, not magnified
122109 Virtual, magnified
122110 Virtual, upright and magnified
122111 Real, inverted, same size

11. Which type of image is formed by the concave lens if the object is located beyond the focal point?

122112 Virtual image
122113 Real image
122114 Magnified
122115 None of these

12. Which lens will produce both real and virtual images?

122116 Concave lens
122117 Bipolar lens
122118 Converging lens
122119 None of these

13. Which of the following lens is known as a diverging lens?

122120 Plane lens
122121 Convex lens
122122 Bipolar lens
122123 Concave lens

14. What is the SI unit of Lens?

122124 Meter
122125 Dioptre
122126 Second
122127 None of these
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