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Human Eye Trivia Quiz

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The eye is an important and very sensitive part of the human body. It is the organ of the human body which reacts towards light and allows vision. The human eye is just like a TV camera than an ordinary camera. The human eye is made up of three layers and the name of these layers are upper sclerotical, middle choroid and inner retina.

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1. Which one is the transparent front part of the eye that covers the iris, pupil, and anterior chamber?

13605 Cornea
13606 Blind Spot
13607 Acquous Humour
13608 Retina

2. Which one is a thin layer of tissue that covers the entire front of the eye?

13609 Acquous Humour
13610 Conunctiva
13611 Yellow Spot
13612 Black spot

3. Who controls the amount of light entering the pupil?

13613 Cornia
13614 Iris
13615 Retina
13616 None of them

4. Who adjusts the size of the pupil?

13617 Retina
13618 Cornea
13619 Iris
13620 All of them

5. The gap between lens and cornea is filled with a transparent watery fluid called...

13621 Blind Spot
13622 Yellow Spot
13623 Acquous Humour
13624 Vitreous Humour

6. The space behind the lens is filled with a viscous fluid is called...

13625 Retina
13626 Iris
13627 Acquous Humour
13628 Vitreous Humour

7. Image of the object is formed on the...

13629 Retina
13630 Iris
13631 Cornea
13632 Blind Spot

8. No image formation takes place at...

13633 Blind Spot
13634 Yellow Spot
13635 Both of them
13636 None of them

9. Which lens is used for the correction of myopia?

13637 Convex lens
13638 Concave lens
13639 Both of them
13640 None of them

10. In which eye defect the person cannot see near objects clearly?

13641 Myopia
13642 Presbyopia
13643 Hypermetropia
13644 Astigmatism

11. Which lens is used for the correction of astigmatism?

13645 Concave lens
13646 Convex lens
13647 Bifocal lens
13648 Cylindrical lens

12. Which lens is used for the correction of presbyopia?

13649 Bifocal lens
13650 Cylindrical lens
13651 Concave lens
13652 Convex lens
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