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How Would You Die In The Avengers Endgame Movie Quiz

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Have you watched the movie Avengers Endgame? Well, who hasn't, it is one of the most loved movie whose fan following is spread across the world? Do you know how many people or great stars died during the movie? Well, you must have felt sad, since everyone does! But have you thought what if you were at their place? What if you were dying at their place? That'd be a great adventure for you. Do you really know who you would be if you were dying in the Avengers Endgame? Try this quiz and you will find out!

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1. Are you brave enough to risk your life in order to view at least half-life back on the planet?

85217 Yes
85218 Maybe
85219 Not sure
85220 No

2. If you are with Hawkeye on planet Vormir, and Red Skull tells you to gain Soul Stone you need to give up something you love. What will you do?

85221 Go back home
85222 Fight and steal the stone
85223 Will sacrifice something
85224 Sacrifice your life

3. If you get to know that your future self is aiding Thanos whole time, what will you do?

85225 Capture your future self
85226 Ask doctor strange
85227 Kill your future self
85228 Go along with your future self

4. When do you think is the best time to reach the Quantum Realm?

85229 To save many lives
85230 Anytime
85231 To save just one life
85232 For Gambling

5. When should have Avengers contacted Marvel to help combat Thanos?

85233 1996
85234 He need not to be contacted
85235 Before half of life was destroyed
85236 After half of life was destroyed

6. While fighting Thanos which body part should be your main focus?

85237 His head
85238 His whole body excluding head
85239 Just on the fight and protecting yourself
85240 His whole body including head

7. Who would you hang along best if you were in the Guardians of Galaxy?

85241 Groot
85242 Peter Quill
85243 Drax
85244 Gamora

8. How do you think your friends might describe you?

85245 Lazy
85246 Brave
85247 Complicated
85248 Health Conscious

9. What do you think which infinity stone might suit you the best?

85249 Power Stone
85250 Time Stone
85251 Space Stone
85252 Soul Stone

10. Which planet would you go if Thanos invaded earth?

85253 Xandar
85254 Asgard
85255 Vormir
85256 Titan
Let’s start the quiz

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