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How Well Do You Know Taylor Swift? Taylor Swift American Singer Trivia Quiz

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Taylor Swift is an American songwriter and a singer. She is known for her narrative songs about personal life, which has received widespread media coverage and enough fame. She was born and raised in Pennsylvania, after which she moved to Nashville, Tennessee. At the age of 14, she chose to pursue a career in country music. She uses her life experiences as an inspiration in her work.

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1. What is the birthdate of Taylor Swift?

13849 13 December
13850 18 September
13851 16 January
13852 1 July

2. What is The name of Taylor Swift's father?

13901 John Wayne
13902 Samuel l Jackson
13903 Quentin Tarantino
13904 Scottey Kingsley Swift

3. Who is Taylor Swift's closest Friend?

13905 Kim Kidarshan
13906 Salena Gomez
13907 Beyonce
13908 Miley Cyrus

4. What is Taylor Swift's lucky number?

13909 24
13910 13
13911 14
13912 67

5. What is Taylor Swift's favourite desert?

13913 Cupcake
13914 Ice Cream
13915 Cheesecake
13916 New Orleans

6. What is Taylor Swift's favourite books?

13917 To Kill A Mockingbird
13918 Invisible Man
13919 The Great Gatsby
13920 Beloved

7. When was Taylor Swift named Billboard Of the year?

13921 2013
13922 2011
13923 2018
13924 2009

8. What other talents Taylor Swift holds beside singing?

13929 Cooking
13930 Painting
13931 Dancing
13932 Writing

9. Who is Taylor Swift's inspiration?

13941 Grandmother
13942 Mother
13943 Father
13944 Fans

10. What is the height of Taylor Swift?

13957 1.98 meters
13958 1.87 meters
13959 1.66 meters
13960 1.78 meters
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