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Quiz: How To Get A Guy To Notice You?

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Questions & Options

1. Have you kissed same gender individual?

5240 Many times
5241 Never
5242 Once
5243 Twice

2. Which is your favorite Hollywood movie?

5244 Batman vs superman
5245 Infinity war
5246 Friday 13th
5247 The mumy

3. Which trait describe you?

5248 Passionate
5249 Lazy
5250 Sincer
5251 Other

4. What is your age?

5252 Under 18
5253 20
5254 20-25
5255 Above 25

5. What is your most loved type of motion pictures to watch on Netflix?

5256 Sappy sentiment films
5257 The films that nobody has ever known about before that are so terrible, they're great.
5258 Comedies, duh
5259 Spine chiller/blood and guts films that you state you're going to watch, however you end up having your eyes shut the entire time so...

6. What is your "I-wear-these-an abundant excess" apparel thing?

5260 Stockings. They're an absolute necessity to wear!
5261 Can't venture out the entryway without my Chuck Taylor's, yo
5262 My pants that are so demolished they are truly going to crumble if the breeze speed goes more than 5 mph.
5263 Essentially, I just possess like 7 shirts and 3 of pants so I wear everything excessively

7. Which superhero do you like?

5264 Wonder woman
5265 Superman
5266 Spider man
5267 Other than these

8. When did you start liking him?

5268 4 years ago
5269 6 months ago
5270 1 year
5271 Not remember
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