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How Sexually Adventurous Are You Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. Where would you prefer having sex on a Monday afternoon?

157291 In the house
157292 In the office
157293 In the car
157294 In the park

2. Have you ever done either of the two mentioned?

157295 Blindfolded a partner
157296 Been blindfolded during sex
157297 Both a and b
157298 None of the above

3. Which roleplay characters would you like to be?

157299 A teacher
157300 A boss
157301 A stepmom/stepdad to your partner
157302 A mother-in-law/father-in-law to your partner

4. How loud do you moan in bed on a scale of 1-10?

157303 Below 2, quite low
157304 2-5, low
157305 6-8, I like it loud
157306 More than 10

5. Which sex position is your most favorite?

157307 Doggy style
157308 Cowgirl
157309 Reverse Cowgirl
157310 Missionary

6. How many people have you had sex with at the same time?

157311 One
157312 Two
157313 Three
157314 More than three

7. Have you ever done anal?

157315 Yes, quite a few times
157316 Yes, only once
157317 No, never got a chance
157318 No, I'm afraid of doing

8. What do you think about giving an oral to a partner?

157319 I like it
157320 It's disgusting
157321 I do it for my partner's sake
157322 I do it so that I can get an oral in return

9. Which of the following would you most like to use during sex?

157323 Water
157324 Oil
157325 Ice
157326 Candle wax

10. Have you used sex toys in bed?

157327 Yes, quite a few times
157328 Yes, only once
157329 No, never got a chance
157330 No, I'm afraid to use them
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