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How OCD Are You Quiz

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Regular mental health screening keeps you safe from obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). So, what is OCD? It is a learned behavior disorder that leads to unwanted thoughts and images or obsessions that drive some compulsions. It is a psychologically distressing condition. Do you do weight training or meditation regularly? Do you have the functional disturbance of the brain? Then, take this screening test and within a few minutes, you can estimate how OCD is you.

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1. How often do you go to the fitness center?

83661 Every day
83662 Not regular
83663 Twice a week
83664 Thrice a week

2. Do you have an obsession with washing hands?

83665 Yes
83666 No
83667 It’s funny
83668 That’s strange

3. Do you find it difficult to control obsessive temperament?

83669 Very much
83670 Sometimes
83671 Often
83672 Not at all

4. You hear of guests arriving in next 20 minutes how would you react?

83673 You get panic
83674 You immediately begin imagining baseless things
83675 I will keep calm and work out according to the plan
83676 I begin cleaning the house

5. What are the images that cause panic in you?

83677 Death
83678 Messy room
83679 Pile of unwashed clothes
83680 Lonely on an Island

6. If you did not find groceries in perfect order exactly you want them to be how would you react?

83681 Throw everything that comes in between maintaining the order
83682 You are overly concerned about it
83683 Yell who has kept them
83684 I stay normal

7. How many hours a day do you spend on obsessive thoughts?

83685 1-2 hours
83686 3-4 hours
83687 I don’t think
83688 Every time

8. Which procedures do you use to release anxiety?

83689 Counting
83690 Checking
83691 Cleaning
83692 All three depending on the situation

9. What are your usual disturbing thoughts about?

83693 Social taboo topics
83694 Aggressive topics
83695 Relationships
83696 Nothing

10. Do you ever fear getting infected by germs?

83697 Yes
83698 Who won’t?
83699 No, I use sanitizer on my hands
83700 Sometimes
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