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How Much You Know About Need of Nutrition Trivia Quiz

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Today, malnutrition is a big problem in the world and no one is untouched by it. The main reason for this is not getting proper nutritional food. If a child is malnourished, he or she has to face many physical and mental problems, such as weight and height reduced by age, being sluggish all the time and not interested in sports, etc. The Government of India and the State Governments of the country are making all efforts to eradicate malnutrition. Nutrition is the specific constructive metabolic activity under which food synthesis and digestion in plants and the ingestion, digestion, absorption, disorganization of food components in heterozygous animals results in physical growth, repair, renewal of tissues, and biological functions. It is called nutrition. Seeing the seriousness of this, the Government of India is celebrating the month of September as 'National Nutrition Month', so that more and more people are aware and the future of the country is healthy. Let take this How Much You Know About Need of Nutrition Trivia Quiz.

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1. How many main food groups are there?

33143 Three
33144 Four
33145 Five
33146 Six

2. Milk, cheese, and yogurt fall under which of the following food groups?

33147 Fruits
33148 Protein
33149 Dairy
33150 All of above

3. Which of the following is classified as a vegetable?

33151 Nuts
33152 Berries
33153 Carrots
33154 Grapes

4. Which country is the high malnourished in the world?

33155 Mozambique
33156 Haiti
33157 Ethiopia
33158 Kenya

5. Eggs, nuts, and fish fall under which of the following food groups?

33159 Grains
33160 Fruits
33161 Protein
33162 Dairy

6. Which of the following foods is classified as a grain?

33163 Rice
33164 Pasta
33165 Cereal
33166 All of the Above

7. Which two main food groups are slightly larger than the rest on the picture of the plate?

33167 Vegetables and Protein
33168 Fruits and Vegetables
33169 Fruits and Protein
33170 Vegetables and grains

8. Calories are best described as a measure of the...

33171 Volume of the food
33172 Vitamins stored in the food
33173 Minerals stored in the food
33174 Energy stored in the food

9. What is the best way to lose weight?

33175 Eat healthy and exercise
33176 Go on a crazy diet
33177 Avoid all fat and sugar as much as possible
33178 None of these

10. Which are the types of nutrition?

33179 Nutrients
33180 Macronutrients
33181 Micronutrients
33182 All of above

11. Which type of Vitamins and Minerals are?

33183 Macronutrients
33184 Nutrients
33185 Micronutrients
33186 None of above

12. Which is the most nutritious food on the earth?

33187 Salmon
33188 Seaweed
33189 Garlic
33190 All of above
Let’s start the quiz

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