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Quiz: How Much You Know About GSAT-30 Indian Satellite?

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The Indian Space Research Organization communication satellite GSAT-30 is expected to revolutionize the world of the Internet. The 5G network is also no longer distant. At the same time, it will play an important role in predicting climate change. This will help improve India's telecommunications services.GSAT-30 is a telecommunications satellite designed and built by ISRO. It will work in place of INSAT Satellite. This would increase the ability to provide communication links to state-run and private service providers. It will continue to operate for 15 years after launching. It will be installed in the geo-elliptical orbit. It will have two solar panels and a battery which will give it energy. Through this quiz, you will be surprised to know about the GSAT-30 Satellite of India.

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1. India's GSAT-30 satellite was launched aboard ------------ launch vehicle.

59210 Ariane-2
59211 Ariane-4
59212 Ariane-5
59213 Ariane-7

2. The GSAT-30 satellite is based on which bus?

59214 ISRO's I-1K
59215 ISRO's I-2K
59216 ISRO's I-3K
59217 ISRO's I-4K

3. GSAT-30 satellite was assembled by which mid-sized industries?

59218 Alpha Design Technologies Ltd
59219 HCL Design Technologies Ltd
59220 L&T Design Technologies Ltd
59221 LET Design Technologies Ltd

4. Which of the following is the Reference system of GSAT-30?

59222 Geostationary
59223 Geocentric
59224 Both of the above
59225 None of these

5. Which of the following is the Launch site of GSAT-30?

59226 Kourou ELA-3
59227 Kourou ELA-4
59228 Kourou ELA-4
59229 Kourou ELA-6

6. Which of the following is the Launch mass of GSAT-30?

59230 3,357 kg
59231 7,401 lb
59232 Both of the above
59233 None of these

7. How much Power generated by GSAT-30?

59234 600 Watts
59235 6000 Watts
59236 60000 Watts
59237 600000 Watts

8. Which one of the following is the Band of GSAT-30?

59238 12×C
59239 12×Ku
59240 Both of the above
59241 None of these

9. When was GSAT-30 Satelite Launch?

59242 16 January 2020
59243 17 January 2020
59244 18 January 2020
59245 19 January 2020

10. Which of the following is the Regime of GSAT-30?

59246 Geostationary
59247 Geocentric
59248 LEO
59249 All of the above

11. What is the Slot of GSAT-30?

59250 53°E
59251 73°E
59252 83°E
59253 93°E

12. Who is was the Contractor of GSAT-30?

59254 COSMOS
59255 NASA
59256 Arianespace
59257 None of these
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