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Quiz: How Much You Know About Countries of the World?

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We all love the world we live in! Undeniably, the fact is true. But, do we know all about our world? Do we know all about the places, ministries, concerns, and even the countries? There are several facts about every country, that might be difficult to explore. But having a basic knowledge of the countries of our world will definitely enhance our intellect way too much. If you think you all about the countries of the world, then here's a chance to prove yourself! Try out this very interesting trivia quiz and test How Much You Know About Countries of the World?

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1. How many countries are there in the world?

121336 134
121337 200
121338 189
121339 195

2. Which country is no.1 in the world?

121340 United States Of America
121341 Japan
121342 Switzerland
121343 Singapore

3. Which country is the dirtiest in the world?

121344 Iraq
121345 Bangladesh
121346 Syria
121347 Pakistan

4. Which is the most dangerous country in the world?

121348 Somalia
121349 Syria
121350 Iraq
121351 Pakistan

5. Which country has no slums?

121352 Argentina
121353 Afghanistan
121354 America
121355 Australia

6. Which country has the cleanest air?

121356 Russia
121357 France
121358 New Zealand
121359 USA

7. Which is the cheapest country to live in?

121360 Costa Rica
121361 Vietnam
121362 Bulgaria
121363 Thailand

8. Which country makes the best money?

121364 China
121365 Hong Kong
121366 America
121367 Russia

9. Which country has the cleanest water?

121368 Australia
121369 China
121370 South Korea
121371 Switzerland

10. Which country has no pollution?

121372 India
121373 London
121374 Sweden
121375 Vietnam

11. Which is the safest country to live in?

121376 Syria
121377 Iceland
121378 New Zealand
121379 Bangladesh

12. Which is the best country for jobs?

121380 United Arab Emirates
121381 Qatar
121382 Japan
121383 Australia
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