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How Much You Know About Acceleration? Take This Laws of Motion Trivia Quiz

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The velocity of an object that is moving is always the same, it is not necessary. It may also be that its velocity remains different at different times. If the velocity of the object increases or decreases with time, such a condition is called accelerated speed and we use a new amount of 'acceleration' to tell how the velocity changes. If the velocity increases then the acceleration is considered positive, and if the velocity decreases then the velocity is considered negative. If there is an equal change in velocity of an object in equal interval of time, then this acceleration is called 'uniform acceleration'. If the velocity of the object decreases with time, the acceleration is negative, which is called Mandana. Thus the rate of dilution velocity decreases. Take this trivia quiz about Acceleration.

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1. If the velocity of an object is u1 at t1 time, and u2 at t2 time, then acceleration equal to what?

34675 u3−u1 / t4−t1
34676 u1−u2 / t2−t1
34677 u2−u1 / t2−t1
34678 u4−u1 / t1−t2

2. Acceleration is a __________ amount, It has magnitude and direction.

34679 Scalar
34680 Vector
34681 Constant
34682 None of these

3. An object's acceleration is the net result of all forces acting on the object, as described by ________ Law.

34683 Newton's Zeroth Law
34684 Newton's First Law
34685 Newton's Second Law
34686 Newton's Third Law

4. Which is the standard unit of measurement for Acceleration?

34687 m/s2
34688 m·s−2
34689 m s−2
34690 All of above

5. Which is the calculated formula of Acceleration?

34691 Acceleration,a=M/F
34692 Acceleration, a=F/m
34693 Acceleration, a=F/m2
34694 Acceleration, a=F/m-2

6. Which are the ways of Acceleration?

34695 Change in velocity
34696 Change in direction
34697 Change in both velocity and direction
34698 All of above

7. An object with constant acceleration will have an increasing ___________.

34699 Velocity
34700 Weight
34701 Mass
34702 Direction

8. What is another term used for negative acceleration?

34703 Speed
34704 Direction
34705 Force
34706 Deceleration

9. If the velocity of an object converts from 100 m / s to 700 m / s over a period of 1 minute, what would the average acceleration be?

34707 1 meters per second squared
34708 6 meters per second squared
34709 10 meters per second squared
34710 No anyone of above

10. When an object is changing velocity by a constant amount over time, this is called.....

34711 Constant velocity
34712 Constant direction
34713 Constant magnitude
34714 Constant acceleration

11. What is the formula for finding average acceleration?

34715 Change in velocity ÷ time
34716 Change in motion ÷ time
34717 Change in time ÷ velocity
34718 No anyone of above

12. Which scientist invented the definition of acceleration?

34719 Isaac Newton
34720 Galileo
34721 Albert Einstein
34722 Pascal
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