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How Much Do You Love Your Partner? Partner Love Quiz

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Love is a strong feeling towards any person or thing. Lots of things takes place in a relationship. It is like a cyclic process in which people like each other ,after that madly love each other ,after that look forward and try to stabilize their relationship. For stabilising the relationship they adjust and do compramises with each other. Still they are happy with each other then they get pure love and respect. So , take this quiz and know that how much you love your partner after all the adjustment in your life?

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1. In the middle of road could you jump for saving your partner?

6108 Of course, you would
6109 You’ll have to think about it
6110 You are scared of the accident, so you wouldn’t dare to do so
6111 No, but you’ll call for help instead.

2. In a day, how many times you think about your partner?

6112 All the time
6113 Not that much
6114 You are not sure you are that obsessed about them
6115 Not a single moment

3. Are you worried for your partner?

6116 Yes, all the time
6117 Yes, especially when they are away from home
6118 No, because they are grown
6119 Not a chance

4. In a day how many times you call your partner?

6120 At least 3 times a day
6121 At least 5 times a day
6122 At least once a day
6123 It’s rare because you do it randomly

5. Have you ever checked mobile of your partner?

6124 Yes, only because you were obsessed with them
6125 Yes, you have because they were playing hard to get
6126 No, it would be crazy to go to such extent
6127 No, because you are not crazy

6. In a week how many times you see your partner?

6128 Once a week
6129 Twice a week
6130 Three times a week
6131 Seven days a week

7. Do you plan kids with your partner?

6132 Yes, many kids
6133 Yes, but only a few kids
6134 Yes, but only one kid
6135 No.

8. Do you play music for your partner?

6136 Yes, especially slow music
6137 Yes, especially their favorite song
6138 No, you are not that emotional
6139 Not really
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