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How Many Kids Will I Have Quiz

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1. How much you like to spend time alone in a day?

1488 One hour
1489 Always
1490 Sometime
1491 No need to spend time alone

2. How patiently you work on it, If you get hard work?

1492 Do it in claim way
1493 Become very annoying
1494 Worked it with half-hearted
1495 Don't want to do it

3. What's your reaction when you see a big family?

1496 You feel happy
1497 Think about how they manage
1498 Don't like big family
1499 No reaction

4. How many siblings you have?

1500 None
1501 One
1502 Two
1503 More than 2

5. What's your viewpoint about children?

1504 They are priceless
1505 They are annoying
1506 Big problem
1507 Loving creature

6. How much you like cooking?

1508 Too much
1509 Sometime
1510 Don't like
1511 Never want to do it

7. What's your viewpoint on a single child?

1512 A single child is a happy child
1513 A single child is fully dependent on parents
1514 A single child is a patience less child
1515 A single child is loving and caring

8. How much you like a clean house, the rate on this scale?

1516 2-5
1517 5-7
1518 7-10
1519 0-2
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