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How I Met Your Mother Character Quiz

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American sitcom, How I Met Your Mother was a popular series among audiences. They began to see themselves on the TV show's character. Are you one of its fans? Do you find a Ted or his best friend Marshall in you? Or, are you the one like Barney, Robin or Lily? Try this entertaining personality quiz to discover which How I Met Your Mother character are you.

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1. How would you move if you needed to travel quickly in NYC?

93118 A bike
93119 Hop a bus
93120 Run there
93121 Ride a subway

2. What are you going to do if an attractive guy/gal you met casually gives you their number?

93122 Call and ask for a date
93123 Call nervously
93124 Never call
93125 I don’t care

3. What is your dressing style in public appearances?

93126 In bright clothes
93127 Formal suit
93128 Casual sporty shoes and denim
93129 I like to dress in comfy wear but dress nicely for work

4. How many guys/gals have you kissed?

93130 Two
93131 3-10
93132 15 October 2020
93133 None

5. Which of the following habits do you have?

93134 Making noise in chewing
93135 Overusing ‘Basically’ in conversation
93136 Correcting people
93137 Cornering themselves in big gatherings

6. What are you going to get from the recently opened department store?

93138 Sports Blazer
93139 Activewear
93140 Hot pair of glasses
93141 It doesn’t matter I go there because I just want to go

7. Do you want to get married soon?

93142 Yes, searching for a suitable partner
93143 No
93144 Not sure
93145 Definitely but don’t know how long I need to wait

8. You eagerly wait for which of these holidays?

93146 Christmas
93147 New Year’s Eve
93148 Halloween
93149 My birthday

9. How long did your longest relationship extend to?

93150 6 months
93151 1 week
93152 5 years
93153 No past relationships

10. What color is your hair?

93154 Red
93155 Golden
93156 Light Brown
93157 Black
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