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Find Out If You Have a Narcissistic Mother Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. In a day how many times you call your mother?

6416 Rarely you call your mother
6417 Once
6418 Many times
6419 You don’t count it

2. Do you think that your mother try to compete with you?

6420 Yes, most of the time
6421 Sometimes
6422 Never
6423 No, you don’t notice it

3. Do you think that presence of mother in life of any child is important or not?

6424 No, you don’t like presence of your mother
6425 Yes, but not all the time
6426 Yes, a lot
6427 Yes, but she has no time for their kids

4. Does your mother have problem with your friends?

6428 Yes, always
6429 Yes, but sometimes
6430 No
6431 She don’t know my friends

5. Do you feel like your mother overshadows you?

6432 Always she do this
6433 Not all the time
6434 Sometimes
6435 She gives enough space to you because she has own life

6. Do you feel uncomfortable when your mother complaining about you to your friend?

6436 Yes
6437 No
6438 Sometimes
6439 Only when it is very personal

7. What is the reaction of your mother when you tell your point of view about her?

6440 You get very bad reaction
6441 Your mother gets angry
6442 Your mother gets sad
6443 Your mother accept your point of view and try to improve it

8. Why you see your mom as a narcissistic monster?

6444 Yes, because she wants that you live your life according to her choices
6445 Yes, because she steals your life
6446 Yes, because she always dominating the conversation
6447 No, she’s the best mother in the world

9. Do you ignore your mother’s advice?

6448 Yes, most of the time
6449 Sometimes you do it
6450 Only when she is over stressed
6451 No

10. What are the things you want to change in your mother?

6452 Interference in your life
6453 Interference in your choice and conversation
6454 Nothing
6455 No changes because you don’t think that your mother is narcissist
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