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Digital Electronics Trivia Quiz! Test Your Knowledge About Digital Electronics Quiz

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Facilities ranging from computers, microprocessors, medical equipment to washing machines and refrigerators are based on the principle of digital electronics. Today, there is hardly any area connected with our daily lives in which the digital system has not given its knock. Actually digital technology or digital circuits are electronics that operate on digital signals. The application areas associated with digital electronics are constantly evolving. Today the field of digital electronics, which is going to touch such heights, the main reason behind this is the invention of the integrated circuit. It is the development of IC technology that made it possible to fabricate complex digital circuits such as microprocessors, memory, etc. and the digital revolution started. The invention of the microprocessor has created a stir in the technological world. Let's test your knowledge about Digital Electronics.

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1. Electronic chips are a whole bunch of ____________________ put into one small area.

45682 Electronic Gates
45683 Electronic Resistance
45684 Electronic Fibre
45685 Electronic Diode

2. No matter how complex the system is, all of this work is done by these basic operations. These are basic operations is...

45686 AND,OR
45687 NOT
45689 All of the above

3. How many values ​​does a digital signal have?

45690 Three
45691 Two
45692 One
45693 Four

4. Which of the following is the value of the digital signal?

45694 0{low} & 1{low}
45695 0 {low} & 1 {high}
45696 0 {high} & 1{low}
45697 All of the above

5. What is the output of AND gate, if all its inputs are 1?

45698 Output 1
45699 Output 3
45700 Output 5
45701 Output 7

6. Which fixed values are used for communications, storage, and math in digital electronics?

45702 0 And 2
45703 2 And 1
45704 0 And 1
45705 0 And 0

7. Which value is called HIGH in the digital language?

45706 0
45707 1
45708 3
45709 7

8. Which element is a good electrical semiconductor and is used to make most digital chips?

45710 Gold
45711 Copper
45712 Silicon
45713 All of the above

9. In most digital electronic circuits when the voltage of the circuit is positive and near the supply voltage it represents a _____________.

45714 One /1
45715 Three /3
45716 Five /5
45717 Seven /7

10. Digital electronics can also perform math using just 1's and 0's. This is called.

45718 Boolean math
45719 Boolean logic
45720 Both of the above
45721 None of these

11. If a HIGH or a 1 is input into an inverter, what is the output?

45722 1
45723 00
45724 11
45725 10

12. Who is the father of digital electronics?

45726 Shannon
45727 Rutherford
45728 Marconi
45729 Newton
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