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Quiz: Test Your Knowledge About Circumstellar Habitable Zone or Goldilocks Zone

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The US-based NASA has discovered an Earth-like planet that orbits its star in the Goldilocks zone. The area around a star is where the surface of a planet like Earth is neither too cold nor too hot, ie there is a possibility of life on that planet. As we know, life started on earth due to presence of water, hence water is an essential component of life. The concept was first presented in many stars have been confirmed to possess a {CHZ} planet, including some systems that consist of multiple {CHZ} planets. The planet has been discovered by the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite. This is the first discovery made by it. This planet is larger than Earth. Let's take an awesome trivia quiz about Circumstellar Habitable Zone or Goldilocks Zone.

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1. NASA has discovered the planet_____________ Like-Earth planet.

52618 TOI 700 a
52619 TOI 700 b
52620 TOI 700 c
52621 TOI 700 d

2. By which name is the Goldilocks Zone better known?

52622 Non-habitable Zone
52623 Habitable Zone
52624 Constellation Zone
52625 None of these

3. NASA has discovered a planet like the Earth, TOI 700 d. How much % larger than the planet Earth?

52626 50%
52627 40%
52628 30%
52629 20%

4. Planet like the Earth planet receives energy from the star _____________.

52630 TOI 700 a
52631 TOI 700 d
52632 TOI 700
52633 TOI 700 c

5. Planet like the Earth which revolves around the star TOI 700, where is this star TOI 700 located?

52634 Waste Constellation Dorado
52635 Eastern Constellation Dorado
52636 Southern Constellation Dorado
52637 Northern Constellation Dorado

6. How many light-years away is the star TOI 700 located?

52638 50 light-years
52639 70 light-years
52640 90 light-years
52641 100 light-years

7. What type of TOI 700 star is a...........

52642 M dwarf
52643 N dwarf
52644 O dwarf
52645 P dwarf

8. By what name is M dwarf. Known whose mass is about 8-50% of the mass of the Sun?

52646 Yellow Dwarf
52647 Hot Dwarf
52648 Red Dwarf
52649 Shining Dwarf

9. In how many days does TIO 700D find its circumlocution in Goldilocks Zone?

52650 40 days
52651 50 days
52652 37 days
52653 35 days

10. The bounds of the CHZ are based on Earth's position in the__________.

52654 Sun
52655 Solar System
52656 Biosphere
52657 None of these

11. Since the concept of Goldilocks Zone was first presented in...........

52658 In 1963
52659 In 1953
52660 In 1943
52661 In 1933

12. In addition, testing of a number of organisms has found some are capable of surviving in ______________ conditions.

52662 CHZ
52663 Extra-CHZ
52664 HHZ
52665 All of the above
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