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Quiz: Can You Guess How Long You Have Been Single?

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Everyone dreams of having an amazing partner for their future and present life. But, in this era of heartbreaks, it is not easy for a person to get love. You might be in a relationship right now and much happier as well, but there are some people who are single maybe because of choice or they haven't their true love yet! Have you ever thought why are you single? Or for how long you've been single? You might be age to know Can You Guess How Long You Have Been Single? Try out this quiz and get to know your answers!!

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1. What is your personality?

102110 Generous
102111 Adventurous
102112 Quirky
102113 Smart

2. Which one quality are you looking for in a partner?

102114 Caring
102115 Loyal
102116 Smart
102117 Intelligent

3. What is most important for you?

102118 Food
102119 Music
102120 Sleep
102121 Family

4. How often do you go out?

102122 Often
102123 Somewhat
102124 Rarely
102125 Very often

5. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

102126 Introvert
102127 Extrovert
102128 Extroverted Introvert
102129 Introverted Extrovert

6. How often do you think about love?

102130 Rarely
102131 Somewhat
102132 Often
102133 Very Often

7. How do you want to meet your partner?

102134 Cafe or Bar
102135 Social Media
102136 Through mutual friends
102137 Any of these

8. How many relationships you had in the past?

102138 None
102139 1
102140 2-3
102141 4 or more

9. Define love for you?

102142 Very important
102143 Not so important
102144 Trusting someone
102145 Sharing your secrets

10. Choose your favorite genre of movies?

102146 Romance
102147 Horror
102148 Action
102149 Thriller

11. Where are you found on a weekend?

102150 Partying
102151 Work
102152 Sleeping
102153 With my family

12. Choose your hobby?

102154 Cooking
102155 Reading
102156 Painting
102157 Dancing
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