Quiz - Are You Smarter Than a 10 Year Old?

Questions : 11 | Total Attempts: 63 | Recent Updated: 21-Jan-2023
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A grown-up contestant answers questions and if they succeed to answer all the questions correctly it implies "You are smarter than a 10-year-old."One can easily answer these questions correctly with some general knowledge and awareness. Smart people do not just rely on facts, they listen to and follow their intuition. They are aware of when and how their intuitions and insights come to them. They are internally tuned in to make wise decisions. Smart people are able to clearly see the reasons and motivations of other people. Some common words for smart can be described by words such as intelligent, clever, alert and quick-witted. A smarter person is a person who has very great intelligence or rare natural ability or skill, especially in a particular area such as science or art.

Questions Excerpt

1. The hippopotamus is the name that comes from the Greek word meaning

A. Water Pig

B. Water Horse

C. Water Elephant

D. Water Mammal

2. Name the pigment found in all plants that causes them to be green.

A. Myocil

B. Chlorophyll

C. Chlorinol

D. Chlorine

3. Paleontology is the study of...

A. Plants

B. Prehistoric life

C. Space

D. Animals

4. Hundreds of flights got canceled due to the volcano eruption in April 2010, name the place where it erupted.

A. Germany

B. Iceland

C. China

D. Norway

5. When was cling film or plastic wrap invented?

A. 1970s

B. 1950s

C. 1980s

D. 1910s

6. How many grams are present in a kilogram?

A. 10000

B. 1000

C. 100

D. 10

7. What is the name of the first man-made satellite?

A. Hubble Space Telescope

B. Sputnik 1

C. Telstar

D. Explore 1

8. Who was the first President of the USA?

A. James Madison

B. George Washington

C. John Adams

D. Thomas Jefferson

9. Name the river which flows through London...

A. Seine

B. Thames

C. Nile

D. River Severn

10. Name the pigment in the human body which determines hair and skin color...

A. Carpomine

B. Melanin

C. Melatonin

D. Seralanin

11. Where was the Soccer World Cup hosted in the year 2010?

A. Morocco

B. South Africa

C. Japan

D. Qatar

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