Quiz: Are You Ready To Invest Your Money?

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Money is one of those factors for which every person does enormous hard work. Another aspect of money is to invest it. investing money in today's scenario is a very positive sign of intelligence as well as it depicts the person's knowledge of finance and investment. But where to invest and how to invest are basic questions to the topic? B ut the crucial question is are you actually ready to invest or not? There might be chances that just because some of the friends have started investing, you might have thought of investing too. But you need to completely ready financially as well as mentally to invest. try out this quiz and get to know Are You Ready To Invest Your Money?

Questions Excerpt

1. What according to you is very important for you to remember while investing?

A. Make sure you have job security

B. Start investing with small amounts

C. Never invest until your bills are paid

D. All of these

2. How do you think every good investment plan starts?

A. Clear financial statement of financial goals

B. An interest in making money

C. Appointment with a certified planner

D. Advice from family

3. For making the best investment portfolio, what do you need?

A. Education about investing

B. Subscribe to some investment journals

C. Have a broker

D. Have extra cash

4. If you intend to retire early, how much you would like to invest?

A. 15% of salary

B. 20% of salary

C. 25% of salary

D. 40% of salary

5. What should you put in place before you start investing?

A. A firm financial foundation

B. Separate account

C. Tax shelter

D. Perfect living condition

6. Why do you think people buy stock?

A. Dividends that they can't reinvest

B. Thrill of earning income

C. Increasing balances

D. Financial Security

7. Define your best strategy of finding best stocks to invest?

A. Companies that increases value in months

B. Companies that are surely going to grow

C. Company that you love

D. Companies that are new to market

8. Do you take advice before investing?

A. Rarely

B. Somewhat

C. Often

D. Very Often

9. What is the average growth of investments in stock market?

A. 6-10%

B. 11-14%

C. 15-20%

D. 25%

10. Why do you thinks bonds are safer than investment?

A. Lower returns on investment

B. Less risk

C. Assured returns

D. Have maturity dates

11. Define the advantage of mutual funds?

A. Instant investment

B. Management by a co-operative

C. Low initial cost to join

D. Trustable

12. To buy and sell stocks in US, what do you need?

A. Register trading account

B. Good credit score

C. Choose a broker

D. Have a US citizenship


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