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Quiz: Are You Gaining Something From Your Relationship?

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Questions & Options

1. How you define your relationship?

4744 It's growing together in the relationship
4745 It's getting something out of the relationship
4746 It's getting out of someone who has more than you
4747 It's being smarter than you partner

2. Do you feel that financial stability is the main reason for marriages?

4748 No
4749 Yes, of course
4750 Maybe
4751 Yes, most of time

3. Do you feel that sex is important for a good relationship?

4752 Yes, sex is always important
4753 No, this is nonsense
4754 Yes, because at least you learn new tricks
4755 No, because it should be more than that

4. Do you get good advice from your partner?

4756 Yes, why not?
4757 No, because it is abuse
4758 Yes, but not every time
4759 Yes

5. What could be the worst thing happening to your partner and why?

4760 Him/her dying, because he/she is the one with all the money
4761 Him/her leaving you, because you can't make it on your own
4762 Him/her cheating on you because it could mean that you have no real power over him/he
4763 You can't think of a single thing

6. Do you feel that your partner is satisfied with you?

4764 Yes
4765 No
4766 It's too much to ask
4767 Yes, but only in bed

7. If you are not sexually satisfied with your partner then you live with him/her or not?

4768 No ways!
4769 No
4770 No because life will become boring
4771 Yes, because you have nowhere to go

8. Does your partner refuse your any request?

4772 Several times
4773 Maybe once
4774 Never
4775 He/she wouldn't dare to do so

9. According to you who is more responsible in relationship man or woman?

4776 The woman because she is smarter
4777 The man because he makes more money
4778 The secretive one because he/she is unpredictable
4779 The quiet one because he/she knows how to keep a secret
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