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Annual Status of Education Report ASER-2019 Trivia Quiz

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The ASER is an annual survey, which aims to provide a reliable annual estimate of the schooling status and level of basic education of children in each state and rural district in India. It is the country's largest survey conducted by the general public, as well as the only available annual source of information about the results of children's education in the country. Information related to the enrollment of children in pre-primary and primary school and some important developmental indicators such as cognitive development, elementary language and mathematics, and social and emotional development has been collected under this report. Significantly, this report is presented in view of the results of India's education system. Let's test yourself with the Annual Status of Education Report ASER quiz.

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1. The Annual Status of Education Report, 2019 focuses mainly on young children of which age group?

53438 0-5 Age group
53439 0-6 Age group
53440 0-7 Age group
53441 0-8 Age group

2. Which of the following areas of Early Years learning?

53442 Personal, social and emotional- development
53443 Literacy
53444 Understanding the world
53445 All of the above

3. Which one is the definition of Early Year according to ASER?

53446 8 to 12 year's children
53447 0 to 8 year's children
53448 12 to 16 year's children
53449 16 to 18 year's children

4. Which are the terms of the Early Year Foundation Stage?

53450 Family Environment
53451 Child's Relationships
53452 Learning & Development
53453 All of the above

5. In how many villages surveyed by ASER in the year 2019?

53454 1,514 villages
53455 1,714 villages
53456 1,914 villages
53457 1,114 villages

6. Annual Status of Education Report-ASER was launched in which year?

53458 In 2003
53459 In 2000
53460 In 2005
53461 In 2007

7. The survey is conducted by '___________', the apex non-business institution (NGO) in the education sector.

53462 Second
53463 First
53464 Third
53465 Forth

8. How many states were surveyed by the Annual Status of Education Report in the year 2019?

53466 29 states
53467 20 states
53468 24 states
53469 26 states

9. How many children in the age group of 4-8 years were included in ASER, 2019?

53470 36,930 children
53471 34,930 children
53472 38,930 children
53473 32,930 children

10. According to ASER, 2019 the enrollment of children in the age group of 4-8 years in any type of educational institution is more than _______________%.

53474 90%
53475 99%
53476 95%
53477 100%

11. At what points are the schools observed by ASER?

53478 School facilities
53479 Physical education and sports facilities
53480 Teacher and student attendance
53481 All of the above

12. The RTE Act provides for the admission of 25% children from disadvantaged groups and weaker sections in which class?

53482 Class-l
53483 Class-ll
53484 Class-lll
53485 Class-lV
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