Am I Narcissistic or A Victim Quiz

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Am I a Dominant or Submissive Personality Quiz
Narcissistic is a personality disorder that involves a pattern of self-center, arrogance, and attitude-behavior. It can also be described as a lack of empathy and consideration for other people. A victim is one who suffers from emotional abuse by someone or sociopathy. They have a tendency of conscious or unconscious – to use words and language in manipulative ways to damage, alter, or otherwise control their partner's behavior.

Questions Excerpt

1. How do you feel when you are with your friend group?

A. Like adventurous trip

B. Safe and know that eventually can fight for correct thing

C. Feel Controlled

D. Frightened

2. Are you easily able to forget any situation that was not according to you?

A. Feel distracted about it

B. Refuse to think about it

C. Never got chance to think about it

D. Recall that situation again and again

3. You are too sensitive! How well does this statement fit for you?

A. Does not suit me at all

B. Suitable but in relationships only

C. Others state for me but I am confused

D. Feel like made for me only

4. Do you consider others' needs over your own need?

A. My own need is more important

B. Respect need of both

C. Depend on the priority

D. Always put others need over my own

5. When you go out with your friends, how do you feel?

A. Make offensive comments about others

B. Full Enjoyment

C. Complain about things

D. Full Drama

6. What is your attitude towards the family?

A. Try to communicate limited

B. Fully involved with family

C. More attach with siblings

D. Frightened of elders

7. What do you do when your personal space is disturbed and violated by anyone?

A. Clearly ask them to stay away

B. Try to defend myself

C. Exert healthy boundaries

D. Freeze

8. What do you crave more about?

A. Attention

B. Respect

C. Admiration

D. Love

9. What are more occupied with your life?

A. Power

B. Success

C. Status

D. Relationship

10. In an argument do you give any second thoughts for your opinion?

A. No, I am well versed with my opinions

B. Sometimes when about to loose

C. Never given thought about it

D. Always think again about my opinion

11. When someone near you fails at something, what do you do?

A. Laugh at them

B. Support them

C. Try to encourage them

D. Console them

12. If you are judged by others and told that you are wrong, how do you feel?

A. Don't care what others think

B. Try to explain about it

C. Try to overcome my fault

D. Feel Guilty


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