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English Grammar Tense Quiz for 5th Grade Students

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The English language is full of fun and it is exciting for those who have always loved learning about language today we create a new quiz on English grammar. Let's see how well you know about English grammar.

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1. Ram_____ mango.

77076 Eat
77077 Ate
77078 Eats
77079 Eaten

2. Sita _______ going to school.

77084 Is
77085 Am
77086 Are
77087 Has

3. They are _______ football.

77088 Play
77089 Playing
77090 Played
77091 Plays

4. I _____ going to market.

77092 Is
77093 Are
77094 Am
77095 We

5. Sita eats ______

77096 Apples
77097 Banana
77098 Bananas
77099 None of these

6. Do you ______ milk?

77104 Like
77106 Be like
77107 None of these

7. He ________ not what to go to the zoo.

77108 Do
77109 Does
77110 Am
77111 Is

8. You ______ so sad today.

77116 Be
77117 Seem
77118 Are
77119 Is

9. We ______ Indian.

77124 Is
77125 Am
77126 Are
77127 Do

10. Sita ______ not go to my school.

77128 Is
77129 Does
77130 Are
77131 Am
Let’s start the quiz

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