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Work And Energy Quiz For 5th Grade Student

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Questions & Options

1. What is energy?

141743 Ability to do work
141744 Force to do work
141745 Ability to transform work
141746 None of the above

2. Which type of energy allows us to hear?

141747 Sound
141748 Electric
141749 Light
141750 Mechancical

3. What is work?

141751 To get sweating
141752 Transfer of energy by a force to move and object
141753 Try to move objects without any force
141754 To push a wall

4. Define Matter:

141755 Anything that has mass and occupies space
141756 Anything that is about the concern of anything
141757 Anything that can move
141758 It is a weight of anything

5. Name the energy that is associated with the moving matter?

141759 Kinetic Energy
141760 Potential Energy
141761 Energy of Movement and Action
141762 Energ of Motion

6. Define stored Energy:

141763 It is a energy that occupies space
141764 It is a energy in matter that can cause matter to move
141765 It is a energy that an object has to do work
141766 It is a energy that gives object weight

7. A Boy standing still on a place, which energy will be found?

141767 Stored Energy
141768 Kinetic Energy
141769 Potential Energy
141770 Chemical Energy

8. Which of the following is an example of Energy of Motion?

141771 Boy jumping off diving board
141772 Boy standing still
141773 Boy laying flat
141774 Boy pushing wall

9. Can energy be stored in fuels?

141775 Yes
141776 No
141777 May be
141778 No Idea

10. Explain the use of energy in the US...

141779 For making electricity and heat home
141780 Manufacturing products
141781 To move objects
141782 All of the above

11. Name the forms of energy among the following:

141783 Electrical Energy
141784 Mechanical Energy
141785 Sound Energy
141786 All of the above

12. Which of the following energy do we get from the sun?

141787 Solar Energy
141788 Kinetic Energy
141789 Mechanical Energy
141790 Potential Energy
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