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Similarity Of Triangle Trivia Quiz

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1. Two similar triangles have ....

112574 Equal sides
112575 Equal areas
112576 Equal angles
112577 All of these

2. Two congruent triangles have ......

112578 Propotional sides
112579 Equal sides
112580 Equal corresponding angles
112581 Equal corresponding sides

3. If two triangles are on the same base and between the parallel lines then they will be.....

112582 Equilaterals
112583 Equal in area
112584 Right angled
112585 Congruent

4. If two corresponding sides and the angle between them of a triangle are equal to another triangle. Then the angles are .........

112586 Congruent but not similar
112587 Neither congruent nor similar
112588 Congruent and similar
112589 None of these

5. Ration areas of two similar triangles are equal to ......

112590 Ratio of squares of the corresponding altitudes
112591 Ratio of squares of corresponding medians
112592 Both of these
112593 None of these

6. If the areas of two similar triangles are equal then the triangles.......

112594 Are congruent
112595 Have equal length of corresponding sides
112596 Both of these
112597 None of these

7. If the sides of a triangle are 8cm, 12cm, and 15cmthen the angle is ....

112598 Right angle
112599 Obtuse angle
112600 Acute angle
112601 None of these

8. If corresponding angles of two triangles are equal, then they are known as .......

112602 Obtuse angle
112603 Acute Angle
112604 Equiangular triangles
112605 Isosceles triangles

9. Two sides in a triangle have the same length as two sides in the other triangle, and the included angles have the same measure are called.....

112606 SAS Postulate
112607 AAS Postulate
112608 SSS Postulate
112609 ASA Postulate

10. Each side of a triangle has the same length as a corresponding side of the other triangle is called.....

112610 AAS Postulate
112611 SSS Postulate
112612 SAS Postulate
112613 None of these
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