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Quiz: Is Your Marriage Worth Saving?

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Questions & Options

1. How many times you have an argument with your partner in a week?

23166 Most of the time
23167 More than five times
23168 At least once in a week
23169 You have no argument

2. Do you complain about your partner to your parents?

23170 Yes, a lot
23171 Sometimes
23172 Yes, but it is mostly when you don’t get your way
23173 No, there’s really no need for that

3. On rate scale of 0 to 10, how much do you hate your partner?

23174 0
23175 5
23176 8
23177 10

4. Do you feel that there is still any hope for your relationships?

23178 No, nothing more can be done
23179 At this point you don’t really know
23180 Yes, but you just got to be on the same page
23181 Of course, there is

5. Do you feel that counseling is necessary for your relationship?

23182 No, it will be a waste of time
23183 Absolutely
23184 It could be a good idea
23185 No, there is no need of it

6. Have you ever thought about leaving your partner?

23186 Yes, several times
23187 You used to but not anymore
23188 You are too scared to even think about this possibility
23189 No, why would you think of leaving when everything is so wonderful?

7. Do you love someone else?

23190 Of course, you are, otherwise why would you be so mad at your current partner?
23191 You don’t have time to date outside of the relationship despite its flaws
23192 Maybe you should start thinking of doing so soon
23193 No

8. Has it become unbearable for you to be around your partner?

23194 Yes, pretty much
23195 It would be extreme to say so
23196 You haven’t reached that point of hatred yet
23197 No, not at all

9. Do you really want a divorce with your partner?

23198 Very much
23199 Not so much since the situation isn’t that bad
23200 If you meet someone better you night do just that
23201 It would be ridiculous to think of divorcing right now

10. Do you still intimate with your partner?

23202 No, not anymore
23203 It’s very rare
23204 Sometimes
23205 Yes
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