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Quiz: How Much You Know About Russian Revolution?
69 Played 15-May-2020
The revolutions, wars, battles, and conflicts have been tremendously a major role in creating the history of the world. History has seen millions of battles and...

Quiz: How Much You Know About American Revolution?
73 Played 15-May-2020
America has always been a powerful country ruling the economy as well as the country ruling the world trade. But, the origin of America and its rule wasn't bu...

Quiz: How Much You Know About French Revolution?
73 Played 15-May-2020
Wars have always been one of the greatest threat to the mankind since it only has a bad impact on everyone's minds and their lives as well. Every war in the his...

Quiz: How Much You Know About Haitian Revolution?
105 Played 15-May-2020
Said by a great gentlemen" wars have never led to a great thing just an infinite loss to the mankind and the infrastructure". The history has been the evidence ...