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How Do You Find the Life Partner You Need?

Many people around the world begin new relationships every day in a multitude of ways – they meet randomly, explore online dating sites, get introduced to their future partner by friends. Most of them break it off eventually, but some actually manage to make it to marriage. However, around half of these couples end up getting a divorce, forcing them to start the process all over again.

If you definitely don’t want to be stuck in this romantic loop, then it’s important to make sure you choose the right partner the first time! Of course, this is a feat that’s easier said than done: this article is designed to help you achieve this goal. Read on to learn how to actually give yourself the best chance at long-term romantic success!

Find Your Own Flaws

Many people think that a relationship begins with a partner, but that’s not true: it actually begins with you! Most singles know the types of partners they prefer & look for partners accordingly, but it’s hard to do so without specific filters provided by the latest technologies at the online dating services. Of course, looking out for a potential soulmate on the street is possible, but the risk of rejection might be overwhelming for many. That’s why knowing yourself, your preferences, and having the right tools might bring success for anyone, for example, short men who prefer taller partners and sign up for a tall dating site. However, long-term romance always requires genuine compatibility, so you should be looking at yourself first to identify any shortcomings. Perhaps you have a temper? Or maybe you’re a bit self-centered? Literally, everyone has shortcomings. Take some time to actually determine what yours are & make a plan to work on them. Attending to these issues while you’re single will definitely help prevent them from becoming a problem once you’re actually in a relationship.

What’s Your Personality Type?

Often, successful partners’ personalities complement each other; they rarely have exactly the same personality. You should determine your personality type to help figure out which personalities you’re best compatible with. While it’s actually not accurate to say that there are some personality types you simply won’t be able to have a relationship with, there are definitely certain pairings that work better than others. Always keep this in mind when screening potential dating partners.

First Impressions Aren’t Everything...

At least, they shouldn’t be! While we often make up our mind about a person after only the first interaction, it’s basically impossible to actually get to know someone on the first date! In fact, the purpose of a first date is more of an overview: where you live, what you do, what your hobbies are, etc.; some of these steps are skipped if you’re previously connected on the online dating site and got through the initial stages with text conversations. But comparing first impressions online or offline certainly gives a general compatibility standard but doesn’t actually delve into your personality. Personality traits & personal details are generally reserved for the second date (at a minimum), but these are always the most important details when it comes to having a long-lasting relationship. Unless your first date goes horribly, we always recommend giving a second date a chance. It’s easy to miss things on the first date, but by going out for the second time, you might find out you have legitimate connections after all!

Be Willing to Try New Things

Many men & women complain about not being able to find a dating partner but remain completely unwilling to change their approach. When it comes to in-person dating, perhaps the clubs aren’t working—then stop going to them! Instead, consider attending a concert, going to a pub, or even taking a walk to the dog park. There are plenty of other places to meet a partner besides the place you’re trying right now. The same approach can be applied online. If one site isn’t yielding the results desired, kick it to the curb & try a different dating site! Dating sites vary in popularity depending on your location, so don’t assume one site will work just because it did for someone else. 

Make the Effort

So, you’ve followed the steps above & managed to find a partner: congratulations! Of course, the “work” doesn’t end here. In fact, it’s just beginning! Maintaining a long-term relationship requires consistent effort & investment from both partners. Without this, the relationship is sure to crumble, given enough time. If you’re hoping for something more than just a short-term partner, then you’ll need to be willing to put the effort in. Sadly, you can only guarantee this for yourself; your partner may stray away despite your best efforts. However, this is much less likely to happen if you’re constantly showing them appreciation & attention!


The movies may make it seem easy, but that’s far from the truth. In reality, love is something that many people chase after, & only a few are lucky enough to have a “happy ending.” When it comes to romance, many singles sabotage themselves by thinking short-term & not developing a long-term game plan. We hope you’ve learned something from this article, mainly how to set yourself up for romantic success before you’re even in a relationship! A strategic approach to romance may not seem like a love story, but many of those chasing a fairy tale end up like Taylor Swift in “White Horse.” You can do better than this, so put that brain to work & go find the Ying to your Yang!


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