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Will He Be Great in Bed Quiz Only For Women

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Questions & Options

1. How many times do you have a physical relationship in a week?

29266 More than five times
29267 Four times
29268 Three times
29269 Once in a week

2. Do you feel that physical relationship is the base of your relationship?

29270 No, I don’t think so
29271 No, love is the base of the relationship
29272 Sometimes, I feel it
29273 Yes, all the time

3. Do you feel that your partner is addicted to physical relation?

29274 No, Not all the time
29275 Sometime
29276 Most of the time
29277 Always

4. Which thing attract you towards man?

29278 His Touch
29279 His smile
29280 His perfume
29281 His beauty

5. How can you tell a man has no experience in bed?

29282 If he is shy.
29283 If he avoids taking advantage.
29284 If he avoids talking about physical relationship .
29285 If he doesn't like certain positions.

6. How can you tell a man is just here for a physical relationship?

29286 If he wants it all the time, of course.
29287 If that's all he talks about with you.
29288 If he touches you in a daring way everywhere, all the time.
29289 If he only agrees to meet you for casual relationship.

7. Which nationality of men do you prefer for making a relationship?

29290 Italian mean.
29291 French men.
29292 American men.
29293 African men.

8. Do you think that preliminaries play important role in making a physical relationship?

29294 Yes, of course.
29295 Yes, because it gives you the opportunity to try comfortable relationship.
29296 Yes, because it makes the act last longer.
29297 Yes, because it shows how experienced you both are.

9. According to you, how long should a sexual act last?

29298 8 minutes at least
29299 10 minutes at least
29300 15 minutes at least
29301 20 minutes at least

10. Do you feel that a man needs stimulants before any physical activity?

29302 Yes, why not?
29303 Yes, so that the act can last longer.
29304 No, otherwise it would mean he is weak.
29305 No, absolutely not.
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