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Quiz: Who Should I Vote For Democratic Party or Republican Party?

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Questions & Options

1. What is your race or ethnicity?

119640 Latino American
119641 White American
119642 Pacific Islander
119643 Asian Hispanic

2. Do you recommend a mandatory minimum prison for drug peddlers or per who possess drugs?

119644 Yes
119645 No
119646 Not sure
119647 I don't want to say anything

3. Do you support raising more taxes from the rich than others?

119648 Yes
119649 No
119650 That's unfair
119651 Can't say

4. Do you believe equal pay for men and women?

119652 Yes, of course
119653 No need
119654 Each one is adequately paid
119655 Unsure on this

5. Which of the below-stated affirmations support your political views?

119656 More friendly policies are required to support the needy
119657 The government should make more efforts to help needy even if they run in debt
119658 Government can't afford to help needy more
119659 Neither of the above

6. How satisfactory is the Corporation tax system of the U.S.?

119660 U.S. Government should lower the tax rate for corporations
119661 U.S. Government should raise the tax rate for corporations
119662 The tax system should be unchanged
119663 Lowered for small corporations

7. Should the Government not be involved in healthcare?

119664 Yes
119665 No
119666 Can't say
119667 Maybe

8. Should military spending be changed?

119668 Yes, it is adequate
119669 It should be increased
119670 It should be reduced
119671 No idea

9. Your view on the worthiness of a strict environmental law...

119672 Strict environmental law is worth the penny
119673 They hurt the economy
119674 Environmental law costs many jobs
119675 No comments

10. Your view on immigrants…

119676 They are a burden on our economy
119677 Immigrants help strengthen our country with their skills
119678 They cause more unemployment
119679 They take a toll on our medical and housing facilities
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