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Who Is Your Celebrity Boyfriend? Quiz Only For Girls

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Questions & Options

1. What shades of eyes do you like the best?

25674 Light hues like dark and blue
25675 Warm hues like Hassle
25676 Dark hues like Black and Browns
25677 All hues

2. What are you typically done on consistently night?

25678 Pamper yourself
25679 Reading books
25680 Listening sentimental melodies
25681 Surfing on web stage

3. Pick your preferred letter out of these:

25682 M
25683 A
25684 P
25685 T

4. Pick your preferred creature:

25686 Dog, ham record-breaking top pick
25687 Cat
25688 A goat
25689 All of them are my top pick

5. Pick your preferred one:

25690 Shane Dawson
25691 Ricky Dillion
25692 Tyler Oakley
25693 Joey Graceffa

6. Where might you want to live?

25694 Los Angeles
25695 West Hollywood
25696 Morrisville
25697 Gothenberg

7. In the event that you want a dating celebrity, what would you choose?

25698 A fancy dinner
25699 A classic dance
25700 Exploring the night life
25701 Don’t know

8. On the off chance that your companion tumbles down, what might you do?

25702 Laugh
25703 Help
25704 First snicker and after that help
25705 None of the above mentioned

9. Pick a side interest for yourself:

25706 Playing computer games
25707 Making individuals snicker
25708 Reading
25709 Playing an instrument

10. What's the substance you like to see on YouTube?

25710 Everything about reflection
25711 Fashion video blogs
25712 Quick-fix tips
25713 Current issues
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