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Which Yuri On Ice Character Are You Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. What is your favorite color?

153667 Yellow
153668 Red
153669 Green
153670 Black

2. How often do you get angry?

153671 All the time
153672 Sometimes if there is a reason
153673 Very rarely
153674 I don’t remember getting angry

3. What is your favorite genre in music?

153675 Rock
153676 Metal
153677 Classical
153678 Jazz

4. How would you react if your friend lies to you?

153679 Try to understand the reasons
153680 Not talk to him
153681 Make sure he regrets that
153682 Throw tantrum at him

5. What would you do if you fail in an audition?

153683 Start feeling insecure about everything
153684 Not go out of my room for days
153685 Eat a lot as it makes me happy
153686 Failure is just a step for success

6. What would you do if your friends invite you to a party but you are busy?

153687 Go! Who ditches their friends?
153688 Politely tell them that I have work
153689 Ignore them, switching off phone always works
153690 Go for some time and not let the work get affected

7. How introverted are you?

153691 I am most introverted in my group
153692 I am a social butterfly
153693 I can be both introvert and extrovert
153694 I hate going out but my friends force me

8. Why do you think you resemble Yuri?

153695 I am also shy and introvert
153696 I work hard for my dreams
153697 I get insecure easily
153698 I do not resemble Yuri

9. Which hair type do you have?

153699 Straight
153700 Curly
153701 Wavy
153702 Coily

10. What type of people do you like to become friends with?

153703 Kind hearted
153704 Caring
153705 Intellectual
153706 Helpful
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