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Which WWE Superstar Are You Quiz

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1. Which of these was your favorite WWE main event?

162176 Elimination Chamber
162177 Royal Rumble
162178 Money in the Bank
162179 TLC

2. Which of these moves is the deadliest move to date in WWE?

162180 Broke Kick
162181 RKO
162182 Spear
162183 Tombstone Piledriver

3. What Champion would you be if you ever went to WWE?

162184 Universal Champion
162185 WWE world heavyweight champion
162186 United States Champion
162187 WWE women Champion

4. Which of these has been your favorite match in WWE to date?

162188 Undertaker vs Triple H
162189 John Cena vs The Rock
162190 Under Taker vs Roman Reigns
162191 Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton

5. Which of these is your favorite team in WWE?

162192 The Brothers of Destruction
162193 The New Day
162194 Team Hell No
162195 DX generation

6. Which has been your favorite money in the bank cash in?

162196 Seth Rollins cashing in on WrestleMania
162197 Kane Cashing in on the same night of MITB
162198 Brock Lesner cashing in to Seth Rollins in front of Becky
162199 Randy Orton cashing in

7. Which of these is the deadliest submission the WWE history?

162200 Kimora lock
162201 Hell’s gate
162202 Ankle lock
162203 The walls of Jericho

8. Who is your Favorite WWE Hall of Fame?

162204 Shawn Michel
162205 Batista
162206 Edge
162207 Kane

9. Who is your favorite WWE Giant?

162208 The Great Khali
162209 Kane
162210 Big Show
162211 Brown Strowman

10. What kind of matches do you love the most?

162212 Hell in a cell
162213 Falls count anywhere match
162214 Beat the clock
162215 Ladder’s match
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