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Which She-Ra and The Princesses of Power Character Am I Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. Do you try to grasp as much information as you can when you study something?

156967 I don’t study
156968 I try to
156969 Yes, it is fun
156970 Depends on what I am studying

2. If someone tells you that they want your help t with an assignment. What do you do?

156971 Ignore him
156972 Help him
156973 Runaway
156974 Tell him to get lost

3. Do you have a lot of social interaction in a single day?

156975 I avoid people
156976 I don’t count
156977 I am anxious around people
156978 Sometimes

4. Do you think you are an organized person?

156979 I am a mess
156980 Sometimes
156981 Yes, I am
156982 I try to be

5. If your friend is in a need of some financial help will you help him?

156983 I am not a bank
156984 Maybe
156985 Depends on who is asking
156986 Yes, sure

6. Have you captained a sports team?

156987 Every sport I play
156988 Not at all
156989 Sports suck!
156990 Only once

7. Do you think you are optimistic?

156991 Not at all
156992 Sometimes
156993 Depends on situation
156994 Always

8. On a scale of 1-10, how diligently do you finish your work?

156995 I try to do it as fast as I can
156996 I try to do it carefully
156997 The best I can
156998 I don’t like to work

9. How well do you think you are at strategizing something?

156999 Not at all
157000 I like to follow
157001 I love it
157002 I don’t have times for it

10. If you were to judge a reality show can you do that?

157003 I can easily find people’s talent
157004 It’ll tough for me
157005 I can try
157006 I am pathetic identifying people’s talent
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