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Quiz: Which Red Velvet Member Are You Look Like?

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Do you also like to listen to music as your favorite time pass? Are you also a music lover? Do you also like to groove into the beats of fine music bands? If yes, then you might be aware of the very amazing band South Korean Kpop girl group "Red Velvet"? You might also be knowing the members of the group who are much in talks? Have you ever thought about what if you might be like any of the members? How might your life be like or what personality traits you might share with them? If you are confused about the same, then you must try out this quiz and put an end to your confusion!!

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1. What is your personality?

110966 Generous
110967 Quirky
110968 Adventurous
110969 Smart

2. What is your favorite color?

110970 Black
110971 Pink
110972 Red
110973 Purple

3. Who is your favorite Red Velvet member?

110974 Irene
110975 Wendy
110976 Joy
110977 Selugi

4. What is your favorite breakfast?

110978 Toast
110979 Salad
110980 Burger
110981 Waffles

5. What is most important for you?

110982 Sleep
110983 Food
110984 Family
110985 Friends

6. Choose a MAMAMOO member?

110986 Whein
110987 Moonbyul
110988 Solar
110989 Hwasa

7. Who is your favorite BTS member?

110990 Jungkook
110991 J Hope
110992 V
110993 RM

8. Choose your favorite ONEUS member?

110994 Keonhee
110995 Leedo
110996 RAVN
110997 Hwanwoong

9. Choose an ITZY member?

110998 Yeji
110999 Yuna
111000 Lia
111001 Ryujin

10. What do you when you are alone?

111002 Sleep
111003 Dance
111004 Cook
111005 Play

11. How do you act when you meet a person who you don't like?

111006 Awkward
111007 Confident
111008 Ignore
111009 Uncomfortable

12. Pick your favorite sweet treat?

111010 Donuts
111011 Marshamllow
111012 Chocolates
111013 Ice Cream
Let’s start the quiz

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