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Which Powerpuff Girl Are You Quiz

Let’s start the quiz Let’s start the quiz

1. According to you which is the main ingredient if we consider your personality?

140995 Cup of Love
140996 Cup of beauty
140997 Cup of aggression
140998 Cup of hate

2. Among the following which is your favorite dinner?

140999 Italian
141000 Chineese
141001 Indian
141002 Diet

3. Which of the following is your all-time favorite desserts?

141003 Cookies
141004 Choclates
141005 Cake
141006 Ice-cream

4. If you get an opportunity to rename Powerpuff girls then what names would you prefer for them?

141007 Jan, Feb and March
141008 Celia, Amelia and Delia
141009 Amar, Akbar and Anthony
141010 Sita, Gita and Rita

5. If you are offered food, name one thing that strick at the immediate base?

141011 Fruits
141012 Drinks
141013 Chocolate
141014 Fast Food

6. If you are in a situation where a person is teasing you, then how will you react?

141015 Will beat that person
141016 Will try to explain the person not to tease
141017 Will start crying
141018 Will call someone elder

7. Which of the following is your favorite season?

141019 Summer
141020 Winter
141021 Spring
141022 Autumn

8. What is the loved place you would prefer to go to?

141023 Mountains
141024 Beach
141025 At my room
141026 Plains

9. What is your best pass time work you like to do?

141027 Gym
141028 Dance
141029 Make-up/Get Ready
141030 Rest

10. Which superpower you always wish to get and would love to have?

141031 Capable to fly
141032 Ability of odourless farts
141033 Ability to move objects without touching
141034 Ability to control your age
Let’s start the quiz

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