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Quiz: Which Disney Pair Are You And Your Bestie?

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Animation has always been a treat for eyes. Well, of course when we talk about animations then how can anyone not talk about Disney? The best place for animations because of the very interesting graphics and characters. You might have seen a lot of duos on any of your favorite shows? A thought might have struck you if you and your best friend might be once at their place, depicting their traits, solving the problems like they do, and have a friendship like them? You might by now be eager to know Which Disney Pair Are You And Your Bestie? Don't control your seriousness and just give a try to this quiz and get your answers!

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1. Which word sums up yours and your friend's personality?

93306 Quirky
93307 Smart
93308 Caring
93309 Intellect

2. Choose your favorite Disney film?

93310 Frozen
93311 Toy Story
93312 Cindrella
93313 Monsters Inc

3. In one word describe yours and your best friend's relation?

93314 Goofy
93315 Opposites
93316 A team
93317 Family

4. If you had a chance to become a princess, which one you'd be?

93318 Cindrella
93319 Snow White
93320 Ariel
93321 Tiana

5. Pick your favorite animal?

93322 Rabbit
93323 Dog
93324 Parrot
93325 Cat

6. Pick a country where you would like to live in?

93326 Egypt
93327 America
93328 Spain
93329 England

7. Pick your favorite Disney song?

93330 Let it go
93331 I just can't wait to be king
93332 I'll make a man out of you
93333 Kiss the girl

8. Are you in real quieter or louder than your bestie?

93334 Quieter
93335 Louder
93336 Both equally
93337 Depends on mood

9. How long it has been for you of knowing your best friend?

93338 4 months
93339 2 years
93340 1 year
93341 7 months

10. Would you ever cheat your best friend for someone else?

93342 Not at any cost
93343 Yes, I will
93344 Depends on situation
93345 Only if I get a better person
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