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Quiz: Which Coven Are You in From The Owl House?

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There are millions of television shows that we see and adore a lot. One such show that we all must have admired is Owl House, an animated fantasy show. If you are a fan of the show, you must be knowing about the covens in the show. Covens are basically a group or a community of witches, somewhat like an affinity group. Have you ever thought about what type of coven you might be based on your personality? Try out this very interesting quiz to see Which Coven Are You in From The Owl House?

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1. What is your personality?

133770 Generous
133771 Adventurous
133772 Quirky
133773 Smart

2. How often do you take the stress?

133774 Often
133775 Very Often
133776 Rarely
133777 Somewhat

3. How will your friends describe you?

133778 Free Spirit
133779 Commanding
133780 Artistic
133781 Wise

4. What is your biggest flaw?

133782 I can be selfish
133783 I can be too bossy
133784 I care too muc
133785 I overthink too much

5. You've been challenged to a witch's duel! What's your course of action?

133786 I use careful planning
133787 Take them down with my powerful magic
133788 Try to talk with them
133789 Just do kill them

6. How often do you question the rules?

133790 Rarely
133791 Somewhat
133792 Often
133793 Very Often

7. Choose your job in a project?

133794 I am the leader because no one steps up
133795 I am the leader because my ideas are amazing
133796 I am the thinker
133797 I am just lazy

8. Which one are you?

133798 Extrovert
133799 Introvert
133800 Extroverted Introvert
133801 Introverted Extrovert

9. Choose your favorite Hogwarts house?

133802 Gryffindor
133803 Hufflepuff
133804 Ravenclaw
133805 Slytherin

10. What are you most excited about in your witch training?

133806 New Friends
133807 Become a strong witch
133808 To be able to help people
133809 To show off my powers

11. Choose your favorite character?

133810 Luz
133811 Eda
133812 King
133813 Willow
Let’s start the quiz

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