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What Vitamins Do I Need Quiz

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Despite following a nutritious diet, one may miss out on some vitamins. Since they play a key role in our overall well-being, it is important to know if you are getting all the vitamins in your diet. Do you feel tired lately and think it is vitamin deficiency? Check out this informative quiz to know which vitamin you need.

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1. What is your gender?

128397 Male
128398 Female
128399 Transgender
128400 Non-Binary

2. Do you feel stressed?

128401 Always
128402 Most often
128403 Now and then
128404 I am not stressed

3. Do you have a sound sleep?

128405 Never
128406 I am an insomniac
128407 More or less
128408 Always

4. How often do you exercise?

128409 Daily
128410 Two times a week
128411 Once a week
128412 Never

5. Do you love to be in the sunlight?

128413 Very much
128414 I avoid sun
128415 When I need to run errands
128416 Only for sun-bathing

6. How many times do you drink alcohol in a week?

128417 7-8
128418 3-4
128419 1-2
128420 I don’t drink alcohol

7. Do you eat vegetables and fruits?

128421 Everyday
128422 Only with salad
128423 I hate them
128424 Sometimes

8. Are you a fan of citrons?

128425 I love them
128426 A little
128427 I rarely have them
128428 I never have them

9. Do you have any bad habits?

128429 I am a drug addict
128430 I am a chain smoker
128431 I love LSD
128432 No bad habits

10. Do you have a pained muscle?

128433 Yes
128434 I previously had one
128435 Never
128436 Last year when I fell off my bicycle
Let’s start the quiz

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